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Simple set-up

Choose your match type - Can support all handball matches: Singles, Doubles, Best of 3, Single Game, Timed, Team aggregate score matches....
Then just enter player and team names. Play Ball !

Easy to use

Track all the statistics of a match: Score, Time Timeouts, Serving Player.

Share Results

Results stored on device and available to view and share by email, text, on Facebook or Twitter.

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Spectator Scoreboard

Modernize any court with a spectator scoreboard.

  • Simple set-up
  • Works standalone or with the Handball Scoreboard Mobile App
  • Bright modern style
  • Shows the relevant statistics of a match: Names, Score, Time, Timeouts, Serving Player
  • Digital Signage mode
  • Allows Tournament/Match Sponsor Logo
  • Tournament Sponsor Ad Slideshow mode for when there are no matches on
  • Can be used to highlight upcoming events
  • Engage your spectators

    Shows: Player and team Names, Ace and game Scores, Time, Timeouts, Serving Player, Crests, Results.

    Bright modern style to highlight the important information easily, engage the spectator and keep the players informed.

    Optimized for large screen TVs (42" or larger) but works on any size screen

    Split Screen Mode for two courts

    Expand the scoreboard to display the live stats of two matches in adjoining courts.

    For venues with multiple courts the scoreboard can display multiple games simultaneously.

    Display automatically switches between the split court and single court view depending on the number of games in progress.

    More Features

    The scoreboard has many more features to enhance and modernise a venue.


    Shows all the most recent results from matches played.

    Digital Signage

    The scoreboard will automatically switch to a digital signage mode while no match is on.

    Low Power

    Runs at under 5w when powered on. The scoreboard will turn on/off the screen as needed to reduce power consumption.

    Creates Revenue Potential

    The digital signage mode shows video and still images to offer advertising potential to a venue.


    See below for current prices (December 2021)



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    • iOS and Android
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    Additional Scoreboards


    • Display on additional screen
    • Low power
    • * Monitor is not included

    About Us

    Working to promote handball: We believe that technology has solutions to benefit and modernise handball games. Designed and created in Galway, in the west of Ireland by handball players and used by handball enthusiasts
    The concept came from a background of a referee of games using paper methods, handball players wondering the score, handball court administrators trying to promote events and the game in a modern way.


    The scoreboard is in use at the alley for all games from All-Irelands to Schools games

    Photo shows the scoreboard in use in Claregalway Handball Club, Co.Galway


    All-Ireland Festival Weekends: Kingscourt

    The scoreboard in use at the All-Ireland Singles and Doubles Weekend Festivals, and 4 Wall Nationals

    Photo shows the scoreboard in use in the two main courts of Kingscourt, Co.Cavan at the All-Ireland 4 Wall Singles festival weekend in 2018.



    Wall Ball Nationals: Kilglass

    The scoreboard in use at the Irish Wall Ball Nationals 2022

    Photo shows the scoreboard in use for the Irish Wall Ball Nationals in Kilglass Co.Roscommon in July 2022.


    Handball Scoreboard

    Please contact us if you would like any additional information.

    Co. Galway


    +353 87 9333 181